Becoming a Magnet Partner

How It Works

Rufouss campus connect will help to manage student talent pool. and as per your guidenece You can then roll out online hackathons and case study competitions to connect with students. Virtually assess candidates on their behavioral fitment, aptitude, and proficiency in core skills. Finally, conduct video interviews of the selected students to roll out the offer.

How Rufouss Will help to engage with students

    Conventional campus recruitment works in a way where organizations are required to form a team that visits multiple campuses to select best-in-class talent. A list of campuses to visit is created, the team makes arrangements for travel and accommodation and conducts exams and interviews at different venues. Organizations are now moving toward a virtual

  • Exclusive Student talent pool platform
  • Standard Student database
  • You can post a free job

Becoming a Magnet Partner


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